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Household Items that You Shouldn’t Use for Teeth Whitening

January 19, 2018

Common Household Items that You Should Never Use for Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants shiney white teeth. In order to achieve that, people apply various homely remedies, without properly knowing the consequences. As such, most of these tactics cause severe damage to the teeth, rather than making them bright and shiny.

No acidic fruits for teeth whitening

Fruits like lemon and strawberry have been used to whiten the teeth at home over the ages. Now, a team of dentists in London establishes that these common kitchen items are actually very harmful for the teeth. The acids naturally present in these fruits erode the tooth enamel.

The teeth whitening specialists at Leeming Dental Clinic say, the acid present in those fruits cause irreversible damage to the enamel of the teeth. As a result, not only the teeth suffer but their natural whiteness is also affected.

Avoid using household bleaches

Another dangerous substance widely used at homes to whiten the teeth is the household bleach. In fact, if you have ever noticed, the manufactured product comes with a warning label, which says it is not meant for ingestion. The strong chemical present in it will damage the inner structure of the teeth. The extent of the damage may be so severe that it may also result in teeth loss. Moreover, if you accidentally swallow even a tiny proportion of the chemical, it may kill you.

An easy, effective solution for Teeth Whitening

So, is there no safe and reliable procedure to whiten the teeth at home?

Yes, there is and it is just following the conventional measures to maintain normal oral hygiene. Instead of focusing on teeth whitening procedures, the experts are of the opinion, if you maintain regular oral hygiene through proper brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar build-ups will not be possible. As a result, your teeth whitening will reveal their natural shine and whiteness.

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