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May 1, 2017

Few Alternative Solutions for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

 The arrival of holiday season is exciting for everyone and this is the time when orthodontists also make plans to keep away from work for a while. Have you recently got braces from your local dentist in Borehamwood? How will you manage your braces when he is away? It seems easy but you need to know about some unexpected situations that might leave you perplexed. We have brought you easy temporary solutions for circumstances like poking wires, loose brackets and some more.

  • An unfixed metal tie
    Often, it happens that the bracket’s metal tie redirects while eating or brushing and causes irritation. In this situation, push the wire back to its position using the eraser end of your pencil. If you couldn’t, cover the area with wax and wait for the orthodontist to return to the dental clinic in Borehamwood.

  • Poking wires
    When you eat, there is a chance of the wires bending and popping out of the band. It pokes your cheeks or could start irritating your mouth. If not handled well, you will be stuck in extreme disconfort and a wasted weekend ahead. If ever you face this situation, try re-fixing the wire to its place with help of tweezers or cut the part of the wire thats making you uncomfortable using nail clippers. Make sure you make a call to your orthodontist before doing this.

  • Broken or loose brackets
    It is very common for brackets to loosen uo or break during eating or chewing sticky foods. In the first place, you should take care of your eating habits when on braces, to avoid such situations. However, if you still expereince loose brackets, you can wait for few days to visit the orthoclinic in Borehamwood. If it is creating much problem, use some wax iver the loosened brackets for temporary relief.

  • Mouth sores
    It is yet another common but uncomfortable situation for patients with braces. A mouth sire in the area of brackets and wires only recovers with time. However, you can use wax over the area to ease the discomfort or else take a pain killer and feed on soft foods until chewing becomes easier again.

  • Falling of elastic tie
    It is a situation which is difficult to be managed by yourself. Nevertheless, you can wait for your dentist to return from his vacation, as it is not a bid issue. In case you miss your elastic tie accidentally, have patience and wait for your next appointment at the dental studios in Borehamwood.

These are escaping tips for you to manage with such orthodontic emergencies all by yourself. At Leeming Dental Clinic, we take care of your comfort and safety. if you have any questions regarding your orthodontic treatment, book an appointment with us and get iver your pain and discomfort.

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