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June 12, 2017

The Faster and Safer Teeth Straightening with Fastbraces

Fastbraces are an effective way of teeth straightening proven by orthodontists and dentists. Patients undergoing the treatment at different acclaimed clinics in London, have come up with positive feedback. For about 2 decades, it has been a trusted dental procedure to correct teeth imperfections all round the world. In this blog, we will tell you about the process and its benefits in detail. Keep reading.


Working of Fastbraces



Fastbraces, as the name suggests is a faster teeth straightening process than the traditional method using metal braces. Metal braces usually take 2 years for completion of the treatment whereas, fast braces straightens teeth in lesser time. It focuses on the tooth root to make them upright using a square shaped, flexible, nickel-titanium wire. The treatment simultaneously moves the teeth adn the root, as a result of which, it takes less time that is from 3-12 months.


It uses unique braces and bracket system triangular in shape allowing one elastic wire throughout the treatment. It works on a different mechanism as that of traditional braces system, moving the crown and root at the same time.


Oral imperfections treated with fast braces

Some of the teeth imperfections solved by the effective straightening technique are:

  • Spaces between the teeth

  • Crooked or broken teeth

  • Over-crowded teeth

  • Protruded upper teeth

  • Crossbite and over-bite

  • Open bite

It is not a suitable solution for complex situations, however you can always talk to your dentist about your imperfections. You will definitely find an appropriate way out of the problem with help of an emergency dentist in North London.

Benefits of Fastbraces

The treatment process brings wonderful advantages for the undergoing partients like:

  • Time tested and proven results since last 20 years

  • Heat activated flexible wires and patented brackets move your teeth fast and safe

  • On an average, it only takes 3 – 12 months for completion

  • Due to the lesser treatment time, the associated risks are minimised such as root decay and damage

  • It is amongst the most affordable braces system from the various orthodontic treatments

Some FAQs

  • Are the braces discreet?


The braces are a set of clear ceramic brackets that easily matches with your teeth giving it a discreet adn natural look.


  • Are the braces removable?


No, these are not removable. Fastbraces are attached throughout the treatmnet process. We have a removable alternative as well - invisalign


  • Will my teeth stay straight after the treatment?


Your dentists will provide you removable or fixed retainers, to restrict the teeth from settling back to its previous position.


  • Is it alright to whiten teeth after fastbraces treatment?


Yes, you can whiten your teeth once the treatment is over. We provide both in-office and at-home whitening kit to the seeking patients.


  • Can I have fastbraces with crowns?


This depends on your situation and your dentist. We can perform the treatment on crowns and teeth undergo root canal surgery. You will have to visit us for an accurate answer.


Straighten your teeth quick and safely with fastbraces. At Leeming Dental Clinic, we will help you get a straighter smile effectively.

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