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December 15, 2017

Dental Implant Procedure: How Painful It is

Dental implants are usually provided by oral health experts, who also perform clincial tooth extraction. A large number of such experts confirm, the majority of their patients confessed, after undergoing the procedure, dental implants treatment is less painful as compared to teeth extraction. Although there’re people, who think just the other way. But still, the opinion of the majority cannot be overruled  so easily, right? Technology behind the treatment has  improved so massively that one can hardly experience severe pain in this invasive oral treatment procedure.


Dentists don’t just extract your teeth at their free will. When they’re removing your natural teeth, it implies the teeth are infectious, the supporting bones and the network fo nerves are also damaged to some extent or the other. Thus, in this condition, a patient is already losing a portion of his or her body part and is already suffering from pain and inconvenience. Yet, they get scared whenever their dentists say they’ve to undergo an oral surgery. This fear crops from uncertainty like, “will they take proper care of me?” and “will they be able to treat me properly?”.


At Leeming Dental Clinic, our experts are completely aware about this normal patient psychology. Thus, we just don’t refer a new patient to invasive clinical procedures like dental implant treatment. Rather, we give them enough time to hit the comfort level before suggesting them the right treatment. By the time we give them the right suggestions, they’ve already imposed their trust and shared their wants, desires, need, expectations and anxieties with us. 


This patient insight proves helpful in delivering the right treatment successfully. As far as oral implants are concerned, we, at Leeming Dental Clinic, possess unparalleled expertise and experience in this modern treatment procedure. Given our expert’s excellent surgical skill and the right application of medicines, the post-operative results along with that of the entire treatment plan turns out to be impressive and successful. To make the treatment totally hassle-free for patients, we use nitrous oxide, IV sedation, pain killers, antibiotic pills and tranquilisers that modern dentistry recognises.

At Leeming Dental Clinic, we offer a comprehensive solution to any tooth implant process, which involves:

  • Putting up a customised treatment plan to meet your unique needs and
  • Providing you with financial plans

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Tooth implant involves bone regeneration and any bone regeneration procedure involves mild to moderate pain in the post-surgical period. Our sufficient experience in handling such cases help our patients to be at ease and feel comfortable after the surgery. Eventually, we deliver predictable treatment results in almost cent percent of the cases we handle. Thus, patients gladly recommend us to their friends and family and we keep getting new cases to deal with. 

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