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It is important that every patient has a face to face consultation with one of our dentists before receiving any treatment. In all cases we provide a full written treatment plan showing costs at each stage.

Consultation £50 The examination and treatment option discussion can take up to 1 hour.
Implant £850 each An implant may not always be the best option for multiple missing teeth – See bridges below.
Abutment From £200 This component is needed to connect implants with the crown or bridge
From £399 This is the upper, visible part, of a tooth. A porcelain crown is used for the front teeth for a natural finish and porcelain bonded to metal for back teeth
Superior Bridge From £399 Where there are several missing teeth in a row then implants can be used to anchor down a row of teeth. The cost shown is per tooth replaced.
Over Dentures From £399 Implants are used to secure dentures with a series of press stud attachments. Generally 4 implants are used in the upper and 2 in the lower arches.
Over denture Abutment From £200 The cost of press studs per attachment
Bone grafting From £325 This may be necessary if the jawbone does not have enough structural support for implants to hold
CT Scans From £110 Taken as required

Thus an idea of the cost can be gained by adding up the parts, like so;

Single Implant from

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Implant £1000


Abutment £400


Crown £450

Total: £1850

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Dental Implant Costs at Leeming dental clinic Starts from £1850 for a full implant

Leeming dental clinic in London has an experienced team of implantologists who quality treatments at the highest standard, using the best materials and dental laboratories. We aim to provide competitive dental implant costs for all of our patients. The treatment costs include the entire treatment plan with no hidden costs, alternatively finance is available at affordable rates.

Our friendly and dedicated dentists are always one call away and can provide you with any information you need regarding dental implant costs and treatments but a thorough consultation will be required for an accurate and personalised treatment plan. You can also get in touch via email or by using our online forms.

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