If missing teeth have taken your confidence away from you, our dental implants can solve your problem. Missing a tooth or teeth not only can affect your smile, but can reduce your biting force and consequently do not allow you to chew food properly. The new advancements over the years mean that new procedures that implement the use of new materials are now available to patients, which offer replacement of tooth/teeth and the root, and are strong, versatile and natural. The results are so satisfying that we have had many patients with dentures or bridges wanting to upgrade to implants. Full mouth dental implants treatments is also offered in Borehamwood to those requiring replacement of whole set of teeth.

dental implants


dental implants

Implants Cosmetic Veneers

dental implants borenhamwood

Neglecting missing teeth

Neglecting a dental problem such as missing teeth can lead to further dental complications. It can initially loosen the teeth neighbouring the gap and encourage their fall, and secondly, cause movement of the upper teeth and damage their stability as well. In addition, neglecting this dental issue will also cause loss of bone and gum at the site of missing teeth and make future treatments more troublesome. Dental implants will replace the missing teeth and their roots, while appearing as natural as possible. This restores the biting force of patients enabling them to chew harder food, and eliminates diet limitations. Moreover, the implants would significantly improve the look of your smile and consequently, your confidence.

The procedure

An X-ray of your teeth will be taken in your consultation session, along with examination of your mouth to determine the general health status of your teeth, gum and jaw in detail. The treatment consists of 3 stages, which are;

  • Placement of implants
  • Biological integration of implants
  • Restoration of implants

First stage of the procedure involves placement of a titanium implant into the jaw, which may cause a temporary discomfort, which will ease of quickly. This is followed by the biological integration stage, in which the implants are left to integrate with jaw. This may take up to 3 months and in very rare cases up to a year. This solid base will be suitable for mounting of implants, crowns or bridges.

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