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Leeming Dental Clinic
Botox Treatments


Dermal fillers

Factors such as ageing, stress, bad diet and lifestyle and other factors may take the youthfulness of your face from you and cause appearance of wrinkles, which may take your confidence away you. Dermal fillers for rejuvenation treatments are conducted by our expert and experienced personnel at our clinic in Borehamwood, North London with the use of most effective products from leading brand. The excellent ant-aging effects of our treatments will restore the youthfulness of your face, and give you the confidence you desire. We are proud of our excellent patient satisfaction rate with our treatments, especially as there is practically no down-time associated with this treatment.

Facial Aesthetics

Another professional aesthetic treatment offered by our practice in Borehamwood is Facial Aesthetics injections, which will smooth out your wrinkles effectively.With years of experience in providing Facial Aesthetics and aesthetic treatments to patients in and around North London, our fully-qualified personnel will ensure effective and natural looking results. We, at Leeming Dental Clinic, believe that our patients’ safety and health should be prioritised, and their comfort throughout the treatment should be achieved. Thus, our personnel regularly take part in seminars and courses to update their knowledge on the latest procedures and methods, which offer more effective and safer outcomes.

Reasons to have your treatment with us

  • Most advanced treatments
  • Leading products and brands
  • Effective tackling of wrinkles
  • Natural looking results
  • Fully qualified and experienced personnel
  • Free consultation session
  • Non-invasive treatments
  • Minimum to no discomfort
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