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Fastbraces in Borehamwood

What are Fastbraces®?

Recently introduced in the USA and brought to the UK, Fastbraces® is a comprehensive orthodontic procedure that offer full straightening of all your teeth in only 3-12 months, with the use of removable or Fixed-braces. This procedure is a result of extensive evidence based university research that was tried and tested for more than 2 decades, and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
This treatment is not particularly advised for those with severe bite problems or cases with overcrowding. In your consultation session the suitability of different procedures as well as the general health of your teeth and gum are analysed and you are aided in selecting the most suitable treatment that suits your desires.

Why choose Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are an alternative to traditional braces that takes less time to fix your misaligned teeth when compared to traditional braces. You need not wear braces for years to get the perfect smile. They help you gain desired look within a few months. If you have a minor misalignment or teeth arrangement that need shorter treatment, this is your ideal solution. Teenagers can choose them as they don’t want to put on the braces for long. It is less expensive when compared to traditional ones due to the limited number of appointments and checkups. The main advantage is that that they do not require retainers to hold them intact. So, you can easily wear them without being uncomfortable.

Advantages of Fastbraces ®

  • Deemed most effective among orthodontic procedures
  • Reduced the chances of tooth decay and thus safer than its competitors
  • Very cost effective and affordable relative to other treatments
  • Metal or ceramic braces
  • A comprehensive orthodontic procedures
  • Single stage and quick procedure
  • No need for regular check-ups

How much does Fastbraces cost?

Fastbraces involves quick process which means fewer appointments and checkups than traditional braces. Therefore, they also have a reduced cost when compared to traditional braces. It depends on the type you may choose from metal and clear brackets as per your dentist's recommendation. Fast braces are affordable that makes it easy to keep the beautiful smile forever.

How long does Fastbraces take to get the desired result?

The name itself gives an idea about the time of completion of the braces. It is a quick process which requires at least 3 months time and that may extend to 12 months. However, the later may happen in rare cases. The patient does not have to wait for years to get an attractive smile. The results are extraordinary and quick.

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