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One of the most effective procedures in straightening of teeth is invisalign which uses hidden braces to address problems including unevenly spaced or shifted, gapped and/or crowded teeth. These braces are designed for a precise and accurate fit onto the teeth to prevent movements, and minimise irritations and discomforts. The fact that these braces are clear makes this procedure extra suitable for those who would like to keep the natural look of their smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Improved appearance due to invisible aligners
  • Minimal discomfort as a result of custom made aligners
  • No interference with daily activities such as eating and brushing your teeth
  • Extra comfort offered by removable aligners
  • Easier to use and more patient-friendly
  • Minimum chances of gum and mouth irritations
  • No need for wires and braces

How does it compare to traditional braces?

The treatment is design for maximum effectiveness in straightening of teeth, while taking to account the comfort of the patient, and carries several benefits in comparison to traditional metal braces. The braces used in this procedure are removable and thus provide extra comfort for patients during routine activities such as brushing, flossing and eating. The precise fit of the aligners in this treatment allows comfortable wear for its recommended 2 weeks continues wear. Regular appointments will be set for monitoring your progress.

Regular appointments will be set for monitoring your progress. To book your appointment please call our Accredited Invisalign Provider in Borehamwood on: 020 8953 5722

We Are a Preferred Member of Invisalign London.

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