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August 26, 2016

Right Time for an Emergency Dental Aid

Your smile and appearance is all that matters when you meet someone for the first time. It is advised that to take care of the teeth you should visit a dentist at regular intervals. But at times, even after caring enough for your mouth, you get stuck in some unexpected dental shortcomings which demands instant attention. Such emergencies are accounted as dental emergency. An emergency dentist within reach is the only person who can help you in the situation. You can find several qualified emergency dental experts in London. Read on to get some knowledge about the right time to call for an emergency dental aid.


When do I need an emergency dentist?

You need to visit an emergency dental clinic, right after you notice any dental issue such as:

  • An avulsed tooth – When your tooth gets knocked out by accident or sports activity, take the avulsed tooth to a nearby emergency dentist safely and try to repair it as early as possible. You need to maintain safety while going to the dental expert to increase the chances of saving the tooth. Hold the tooth from the crown without touching the root. Don’t use water to rinse the tooth, instead use milk or your own saliva. Try to place it back into place. Bite down slowly to keep it in place. If you cannot place it in the socket, store it in a container of milk or cover it in saliva and go to an emergency dentist in North London. He or she will re-implant the tooth back to its position.

  • Unbearable toothache – Toothache can be a result of severe tooth decay or a crack in the tooth. Your dental practitioner can tell you about the exact reason and alleviate the pain with painkillers and various other medications.

  • Broken or chipped teeth – Save the damaged pieces and rinse your mouth. If its bleeding, use cotton or gauze to stop the bleeding. You may also use ice packs to relieve the pain. See your 24 hours emergency dentist as soon as possible to find a suitable solution to your problem.

  • Bleeding gums – You may experience gum bleeding while brushing or eating. It is a serious dental urgency and should not be ignored, it may lead to further gum infections which can affect your overall health.

  • Lost Crown – If you accidently lose a crown, keep it safe and rush to an emergency dentist near you to get it fixed. You may use clove oil over the sensitive area or place a few cloves in the mouth next to the area to ease out the pain before going to the dental expert.

Any of the dental problems stated above can affect your smile and appearance, if ignored for a prolonged time. The delay might also cause further serious issues which affects the overall health. It is therefore advised to see a dental practitioner within your reach right after any dental injury. Get in touch with the qualified and experienced emergency dental experts in London who can help you in this situation. You can easily overcome the pain and dental injury under their supervision.

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