Cosmetic Emax veneers


Aesthetic Anterior Cosmetic Zirconia Crowns



Our restorative dental treatments offer astonishing results, making all dream smiles possible. The patient in the picture had a number of broken teeth and a few dark stains as a result of tooth decay. This had resulted in him hiding his smile and had taken his confidence away. With a personalised treatment plan developed to restore his smile, we were able to improve his smile and stop further damage in a very short period of time. With the help of our hygienist, his oral health was improved.

All on 6 Dental Implants for edentulous patient

all on 6 implants

Implant retained bridge replacing partial upper denture


Cosmetic Dentistry using porcelain veneers and crowns

cosmetic teeth

Bleaching acse



dental implant

Implants Cosmetic Veneers


Dental Implants

dental implants patient

For years I knew I needed teeth implants, but I was put off by the price as well as the procedure.  My dentist advised me to have a free consultation with implant specialist at the clinic, I had nothing to lose but much-needed knowledge about the procedure.  At the consultation, everything was explained to me, I had loads of question, they didn’t push me to sign up for the expensive procedure, but after the consultation, I decided to give myself a very expensive birthday present, and I am very glad I did.

The first appointment was for extractions & bone graft, I was warned it was going to be painful, I was numb, didn’t feel a thing,  he played my favorite 80’s music, I was so relaxed and the 2 hours went very quickly. Had antibiotics, and painkillers afterward,  no issues, 2nd appointment and the ones after that were a breeze.   I was expecting the worst and what I got was the best – top class service.  Can’t stop smiling, showing off my teeth at every opportunity, see attached my before and after pictures –

A big Thank you to the charming dentist and his wonderful assistant

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