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Advantages of Fastbraces

May 18, 2016

Advantages Of Fastbraces For Kids

What are Fastbraces?

As kids grow up it almost seems an unavoidable part of their development that many have to wear braces on their teeth.  And they most certainly will do if their teeth are not aligned.  It is not usually something that a child would look forward to and they will also be likely to complain about the pain and discomfort.


Now though, with Fastbraces for kids, the prospect of having teeth corrected need not be something that kids dread. And there are advantages for parents too with this system.


These are the advantages of Fast braces for kids:

  • Faster Results

The prospect of wearing braces no longer needs to be measured in years. Fastbraces will be worn for a year at the most and can even do the job of straightening children’s teeth in a period of only 3 months. This is sure to be good news for any child who feels self-conscious about wearing braces.


The fact that the teeth are not in braces for as long as the traditional methods means that there is less time for decay to set in as your child struggles to clean the teeth properly with braces.


You will save money as you don’t need to go to the dentist so often for adjustments and this is kind to the wallet and means not having to take as much time off work to take your child to the prosthodontist.

  • It’s a Lot More Comfortable than Traditional Braces

A lot of the misery around wearing braces is because they are not comfortable and in some cases even require teeth to be extracted. The Fastbraces system addresses this problem because the design of the braces will avoid the need for teeth to be taken out.

  • Unique Design

The unique design of Fastbraces will allow for the crown and the tooth root to be moved together. Fastbraces are lighter and finer than traditional braces and involve a lot less friction and are also a lot more flexible. That all adds up to less pain and discomfort. The design and the size of this new kind of brace also makes it a lot easier for the teeth to be kept clean and that is good news because it reduces the risk of oral disease and decay.


We know that as a parent, you want the best for your kids and that is why we are delighted to be able to offer a system that will help your child towards straighter teeth without the traditional pain and discomfort.

  • Treatment times range from 3 months to about a year

The time invested to complete the treatment can be estimated within months and not years. Fastbraces does not various visits to the dental clinic for replacing wires. It uses a special elastic nickel-titanium wire that is custom designed for the braces.

  • Safe

With fastbraces, you won’t feel any discomfort or risks as is the case with tradtional braces. As you are not on braces for a longer time, you are saved from tooth decay due to poor dental hygiene.

  • Affordable

The treatment involves only a few visits to the dental practitioner and the treatment time is comparatively shorter than traditional braces. Thsi makes it an affordable process, as less dental visits means less expense on treatments.

  • Kids Don’t Need to Wear Their Retainer Continuously

Once treatment is complete your child will need to wear a retainer to ensure that the teeth do not return to their old position. But with Fastbraces the child will only need to wear their retainer for about fifteen to twenty minutes each day, something that they could do while having a shower, for instance


If you compare Fastbraces and Traditional Braces, both will be safe. But that is really the only thing the two have in common. In every other respect Fastbraces out performs the traditional ways of straightening teeth. With the use of Fastbraces, children will have straight teeth often in a fraction of the time, will be more comfortable during treatment and will end up with a great smile to last them for life!


On visiting Leeming Dental Clinic for fastbraces, the dentist will first let you know about its benefits and the possible expectations from the treatment.


Contact us to find out how much fastbraces cost in UK you might be surprised to find out how affordable braces for adults can be.

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