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Orthodontics and Invisalign Braces

August 29, 2015

What are Invisalign Braces and Why Should I Consider Them as an Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics and Invisalign


Offering a very popular alternative to traditional braces for patients- Invisalign Borehamwood


For those of you who come to see us at Borehamwood dental studio you will be pleased to hear that we can now offer fast braces in the form of Invisalign braces. This is a treatment that does not require the traditional approach to orthodontic treatment that involves conspicuous braces.


Whilst modern orthodontics has a lot to offer with braces that claim to be  ‘invisible’, in reality most of these still utilise methods similar to traditional braces although they do offer tooth coloured brackets and wires making them more discreet.


None, however can offer the revolution in orthodontics that Invisalign orthodontics offers.


Utilising new techniques:


Invisalign uses a totally new approach. Unlike other orthodontics the wires and brackets have gone, to be replaced by a series of see-through trays that fit over the teeth.


These trays, available at Borehamwood Dental Studio, are manufactured from medical grade plastic and are virtually see through. They are not completely invisible, but most wearers say that they have found that other people rarely notice that they are being worn unless they are pointed out.


The first step is scans of the patients teeth from which the trays can be custom made. Personalised Invisalign orthodontics are made in the laboratory.


Each tray will be worn for about two weeks, then removed to be replaced by the next tray in the series that carries on the process of repositioning of the teeth a little more. This process works through all the trays necessary to make the teeth straight and even.


What are the benefits?


Apart from the very subtle and barely noticeable appearance of Invisalign, there are other benefits offered at our Borehamwood Dental studio


  • Easy to use – Invisalign can be removed easily by the patient with no need to come to see the dentist.
  • Eating with ease –Invisalign can be removed and then replaced before and after eating.
  • Keeping clean– To clean and floss your teeth, simply remove the tray and then pop it back in afterwards. This greatly reduces the risk of decay and gum disease due to food being stuck in traditional braces.
  • Greater Comfort – The trays might feel a little strange at first, but most people find they soon find them comfortable to wear with none of the friction and irritation that some traditional dental braces can cause.


These are just a few benefits of Invisalign. We will be happy to discuss them further with you when you visit us at Borehamwood Dental Studio. We are pretty sure that you will like what you hear and like the results of the Invisalign braces treatment even more!

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