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September 1, 2015

Root Canal Surgeries and Who Needs Them

Endodontic services and root canal surgery at dental studios in Borehamwood :


Root canal surgery can become necessary for anyone, although it is very possible to work towards never having to have oral surgery of this type. Common root surgery is actually root canal work, requiring a small hole to be created in the tooth, so that the endodontist can get into the root canals to remove all the bacteria that is causing problems. Additionally, in some teeth there are multiple canals, while others will only have a couple. The tool of choice for this job will be a YAG Laser, which will often only be found in an endodontist’s office and not usually in a general dentist’s surgery.


Why is that some people have to undergo multiple root canals over their lives, and others never have any?


Whether or not you have root canal work will be down to several factors. In the ordinary way of things, bacteria can exist in root canals and never cause a problem. Problems arise when the bacteria, along with other debris that has decayed, give rise to an infection or cause an abscess, filled with pus, to form. At this point oral surgery with root canal treatment will be an urgent requirement because if the infection goes untreated it can lead to loss of bone, to issues with draining and the infection can even spread to the face, neck and head.



When there is pulp irritation and infection there can be only one cause: decay. If a tooth has developed cracks or chips or if there has been trauma or prior dental work, makes the route into the tooth’s canal a lot easier for the bacteria. Practice proper dental hygiene at home to avoid giving bacteria a chance to invade. And proper dental care includes making sure you keep regular dental surgery appointments.  Going to see your dental team regularly means that your hygienist or dentist can spot any problems early. These steps will be your best defence against having to undergo root canal work. It is also important that you keep an eye on your diet and overall health.  Find out about a mouth-healthy diet that is light in acidic foods, such as berries and coffee. Your body is a holistic entity and neglecting your health in one area can have a knock on effect in another, including your mouth.


It’s in the Genes:

There are two other factors to consider: Genetics and having a general dentist carry out your root canal treatment. Some people, it seems, are just more prone to root problems than other people and they have no control over that. If that’s you, you are probably already painfully aware of it.  If you’ve had one root canal, even being a stickler for oral hygiene won’t stop you needing future ones. Failed root canals, when they occur, are generally ones that have been done by a general dentist, rather than an endodontist, so take care when choosing your dental professional and make sure that you choose an endodontist for any dental surgery, including root canal work.

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