The removal of wisdom teeth or third molar is a very common procedure that is carried out by our dentists and oral surgeons. The severe pain, which starts as a minor toothache, can be very discomforting and hence, it is important for the wisdom teeth extraction procedures to be as pain-free as possible. By using a wide selection of anaesthesia, including laughing gas, a rapid pain relief is achieved. This makes the whole process of very comfortable, with patients only feeling a slight push during the treatment. The third molars begin to come through the back of each corner of our jaws, and many of our jaws simply do not have enough space to house these teeth. As a result of this, these teeth become impacted.

What To Do After The Treatment

  • To prevent bruises and swellings use an ice pack
  • Gentle exercises such as closing and opening of mouth can help
  • Brush your teeth after one day post procedure but avoid surgical area, unless your dentists says otherwise
  • Take your medications regularly and only take the prescribed painkillers
  • Contact your dentist if the swelling does not improve after a couple of days

What Not To Do

  • Your dentist will provide complete instructions on what to eat and what not to eat. But generally, you should avoid eating hard and sticky food.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks
  • Straws can loosen your blot clots, so you are highly advised to avoid drinking with straws
  • Avoid smoking as much as you can, as it slows your recovery
  • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously

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